1. Rival

    Discussion Kya sex ek lat hai?

    Sex ek lat hai kya? Bahut se jawaab hai par koi ek kaam ki nahi.
  2. D

    Erotica Fantasizing About My Cock-hungry Accountant

    Hello readers. My name is Ashutosh Banerjee (age 52). I am the branch manager of a Public sector bank in West Bengal. Due to obesity, I couldn't have sexual intercourse with my wife for some years now and that is why I resorted to masturbation to release the sexual tension. During banking hours...
  3. Bella

    Romance Some short stories

  4. Ikonik

    Important Rules for pdf section

    1.) Use correct prefix. 2.) Give proper credits to the writer who's story you are posting. 3.) Don't use pay per click hosts for hosting your PDF/Docs files. 4.) Shorten URLs are not allowed. 5.) Don't post any copyright stuff here, they will be deleted without any notice. Repeated violators...