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    Adultery My First Steps Towards Being Lesbian | Lesbian Sex Story

    My First Steps Towards Being Lesbian, Indian Sex Stories, English Sex Stories, Lesbian Sex Stories, big boobs, horny, wet pussy, Lesbo Sex Videos. My First Steps Towards Being Lesbian II worked as a Part time Receptionist in a Reputed Hotel. I was going to leave my job. So I decided to meet the...
  2. Odin chacha


    Chapter 1: I'm Coming Home Note: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age. It is a tale of consensual incest between a grandmother, son and mother. Happy reading. The new job in Mumbai nearly cost me my sanity and all of my life savings. It was the wrong time to move to a new...
  3. Odin chacha


    This story is a continuation of, "My Brother Employment." All the characters in this story are 18 or older. The story is a work of fiction. ________________ Eventually, the family found out about Carol and me. As you might guess most of the comments were negative. But since my brother...
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    Erotica The first taste of exhibitionism

    I always loved the excitement of being naked, inside my house in the privacy of my room or my house when I was alone. Mostly during weekends or vacation when school holiday and my parents went to work. I loved to be naked in my house when I am alone, since around 13 years I say. It all started...
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    You're standing facing me, your arms outstretched toward me. You protest mildly as I fasten the bondage cuffs around your wrists. You promised me we could do whatever I wanted for my birthday. That's today. You weren't very happy of my choice of anal sex for my present. You've been stalling for...