1. Ikonik

    Official Approved File Hosts [Updated 16-08-2022]

    Currently approved file hosts in alphabetical order: Anonfile - 20GB Delafil - 6GB DropMeFiles - 50GB *DMCA prone files only FileMail - 5GB files.dp.ua - 100GB FilesFm - 5GB Gofile - 30GB Google Drive - 15GB Krakenfiles - 1GB MediaFire - 10GB Mega - 15GB Mixdrop - 10GB Oshi - 5GB Pixeldrain -...
  2. S

    Shayari pics

  3. Ikonik

    Official LustyWeb Updates & Changes #1

    New Theme Changes & Features 1) Added a Profile banner feature. (Go to your Account details/ click on Edit profile banner to upload Image. 2)LustyWeb App..! Left Click on Menu bar to Install Web App. 3) choose your Preferred Date Format in Preferences. 4) Added Scheduled posting feature...
  4. King of darkness

    Humor Funny+Hot

  5. Dark

    Meme talk