1. Odin chacha

    Erotica Naked Legal - Desires

    NAKED LEGAL -- DESIRES -- A NAKED LEGAL EPISODE This is an episode in the NAKED LEGAL group of stories. It is recommended that you at least read the original story chapters, NAKED LEGAL 1 - 4, before reading this story to understand the origin of the office relationships and the main characters...
  2. Crystal

    Entertainment Music labels to take legal action on TikTok alternatives for copyright infringement

    Earlier this year the government of Indian banned the Chinese app TikTok, leaving many content creators of the platform seeking alternative options. In the vacuum created by the banning of TikTok a plethora of apps like Roposso, Triller, Takatak, Josh, Mitron, Snack Video etc. sprang up to...
  3. Crystal

    News Karan Johar may take legal action against online trolls who are threatening him

    A few days back, Mumbai Police busted a social media racket by arresting a man who would use multiple fake accounts to not only sell them to increase someone else’s followers but also to create panic and mayhem in the society. Celebrities are attacked with the vicious messages of a select few...
  4. Crystal

    News Uber drivers to launch legal bid to uncover app's algorithm

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