1. panuraaj

    Hello members

    Hello members, I was a member of exbii, later xossip. But became irregular due to time constraints. In the meantime, the forum got deleted. Trying to find out the old forums in new avatar.
  2. SiddHart

    25k Members

    @Ikonik , isko edit kar post kar dena and iss ka notification sabko send kar dena.
  3. Naina

    ➣ Congrats LustyWeb on 20k members

    So we just hit 20k registered Members. This is absolutely amazing. :woohoo::woohoo: Thank you, everyone! Lets continue to make LustyWeb a better place....
  4. XP 007

    Announcement Welcome Our New Staff Members

    Hello everyone I am Introducing our new Moderate @Ares @iMUNISH for all sections mod And Now Welcome Our New Selection Moderate @Anakin For General Discussions & second is @Hondacreta for hindi section 3rd @Prince Sahil for Story Section @Soku74 @Mr.SAM @Neelesh congrats all...
  5. Shubham Yadav

    Lustywebiens ke paglu Members

    Is thread me lustyweb ke sabhi Paglu Members ka swagat karta hu me :welcome: Is thread me app full spam :spam: karo hamko ek hafte me 100 pages cross karna h ispar :love: :guntootsmiley: :gun2: :guntootsmiley2:
  6. SiddHart

    15k members

    So, we just hit 15k registered Members and Now we are 15k family members. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you, everyone! Lets continue to make LustyWeb a better place. Note: Banned and unverified members are not counted.
  7. XP 007

    Welcome Our New Staff Members

    Hello Everyone Now Please Welcome Our New Staff Member @The Beyonder and @Lelouchyagami
  8. I

    Which family members' panty do you use for masturbate?

    I always use my mom's panties for masturbation. I often pick up her panty from her 'ready to wash' clothes and smell it, suck it and, rub it on my cock. Her vaginal taste is always contained in her panties which helps me to reach the orgasm. Please explain yours....
  9. illusion

    Discussion Lets complete 15K members

    Count down starts
  10. illusion

    Discussion Lets Complete 5K members

    Invite your friends here fast
  11. Damha

    Lustyweb ke pyaare members

    iss thread ke bina dil na lagna tha to aa jao sab list me