1. Rahul

    Humor Good morning Good night

    Good morning :gm:
  2. Vision

    Adultery Desire of Indian sex woke up at night

    I am telling you the story of Indian sex with Neeraj Pandey, whom I met recently at Mumbai airport. Friends, she was looking amazing and both of us had come to Mumbai in connection with some of our work. We both caught the same taxi and that is why our conversation started there in the taxi...
  3. SweetRashmi

    Erotica A night with stranger in train

    Hello friends, my name is rashmi and today I am going to share one of my sexual encounter with you all. I am writing for the 1st time so plz ignore my mistakes. PART 1 This incident took place when I turned 23. It was early winter time not cold enough but you need to wear a light woolen wear or...