1. Suryaa

    Adultery Fucking A Virgin Girl At Office | Sex Stories in English

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  2. D

    Adultery Sex With Big Boobs Colleague After Office Party ?

    I was waiting in my car in front of Kiera's apartment for her to show up. She was my colleague and we were going to the office party. I always liked her in the office. She was the person I go to in the office whenever I had some doubts in the work as she was a senior in office. A few minutes...
  3. D

    Adultery Sex With Hot Lady From Office

    Sandhiya was my colleague, in her mid-30s, wheatish brown skin, not so lean frame. She wasn't among the beautiful women in my office but there was something in her that made me to add her name in the sexy women in my office list. I think it's her long, black straight hairs that ran up to her...
  4. D

    Adultery Fired After Sex In Office

    Fired After Sex In Office Part-1 Aliya and I stood in front of our manager for an interrogation. The complaint against us was having sex in the office. I was a bit nervous about being fired from the job. I wanted to calm myself. So I thought about last night's sex with Aliya to sooth my nerves...
  5. Odin chacha

    Erotica Office Fun

    CHAPTER ONE: BEGINNING "Oooohhhhhh ... fuckkkkkkk." Bob laughed from behind me. I glanced over my shoulder as another tremor ran through my body. "What's so ... funny?" With a chuckle, "You, my dear. I remember the first time when you said you had never used that word." "Well, I hadn't. Oh...
  6. S

    Adultery Office colleague divya become my fuck buddy

    Hi Readers, My name is Virat and I belong to Rajasthan. 5 years back I came to Delhi for a job and there I met my sexy queen Divya(Changed Names). Divya is a married woman who stays away from her husband. Her husband works in a different city and she stays with in-laws. To describe her, she is...