1. Crystal

    Entertainment Harmeet Singh of the Meet Bros. announces the Launch of “The WeCare Initiative” on World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

    Entertainment industry is the epitome of glamour and glitz and that’s a stark contrast to the other side of the showbiz industry - which is the constant issue with the unpredictable nature of the job. Late last year the news of television actor Kushal Punjabi's death by suicide was a rude...
  2. Crystal

    Entertainment Sonu Sood and Farah Khan offer help to Naveed Duste who lost a leg saving 30 people

    Naveed Duste is a brave heart who recently saved the lives of 30 people, but ended up losing his leg in the process. Duste is currently recovering in Apollo hospital in CBD. However, financial difficulties are being faced by him and his family. After coming across reports of Duste, Sonu Sood and...
  3. Crystal

    Entertainment Yeh Hai Chahatein shoots gets cancelled due to heavy rains, Aishwarya Sakhuja requests people to stay indoors

    Mumbai has been facing heavy downpour since yesterday and early morning, a landslide was witnessed near Kandivali. The situation has gotten rough and even with the lockdown, a lot of people are required to head to work including the actors who have been shooting relentlessly. The actors have...
  4. Crystal

    Entertainment Sonu Sood to organise free medical camps across India on the occasion of his birthday on July 30

    Actor Sonu Sood has turned out to be a saviour for thousands of people in the country during these tough times. The actor who started with the simple act of distributing food to the needy went on to achieve the bigger mission of helping migrant workers reach their home and continues to help...
  5. Crystal

    Health How to Find Strength in the Face of Being Called Weight Loss Names

    Weight loss names can be difficult to take.� Many people don’t even realize that’s what they’re doing when they use them. Whether they’re trying to be playful and cute, supportive, or outright mean, it hurts to be body shamed. For...
  6. Crystal

    News Elon Musk said people who don't think AI could be smarter than them are 'way dumber than they think they are'

    submitted by /u/ohnoh18 [visit reddit] [comments] Continue reading...
  7. Crystal

    Entertainment Sonu Sood helps migrant workers get employed through an app

    Sonu Sood has been a messiah for the migrant workers and has relentlessly helped them reach home safely during the times of crisis. He arranged for the permissions and buses that helped people reach their hometowns when the lockdown was imposed. More and more people started reaching out to him...
  8. Crystal

    News Coronavirus: Why disabled people are calling for a Covid-19 inquiry

    Wheelchair-user Ginny Butcher says disabled people in the UK have been abandoned during the pandemic. Continue reading...
  9. Crystal

    News Coronavirus: 'We need a designated shielding hour'

    Natasha Howard is campaigning for a set time in the day when only people who are shielding go outdoors. Continue reading...
  10. Crystal

    News Coronavirus: How long does it take to recover?

    Recovery from Covid-19 can be a lengthy process, depending on how seriously people get the virus. Continue reading...
  11. Crystal

    News Migrant worker airlifted by Sonu Sood names his shop after the actor

    From the past few months, actor Sonu Sood has been at the forefront in helping people during the lockdown. He has been sending migrant labourers home by arranging transportation for them. Not only has he helped people stuck in Mumbai, but he is also helping people from other states. A few...
  12. Shivam

    News With Rs 14 lakh business per day, this astrology startup is making profits in the time of coronavirus

    The coronavirus crisis has heightened the feeling of fear and anxiety among people, especially on issues like health, money, relationships, career, jobs, etc. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has also affected businesses, bringing a majority of them to a standstill. While some companies...
  13. Bella

    News Disgusting that Sushant’s death is being used for ulterior motives: Swara Bhasker

    Actor Swara Bhasker talks about how “we must give Sushant dignity in his death and celebrate his life.” She adds that we should have difficult conversations but in a civilised manner.