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    [Using "Report" button] How to Report issues / Moderators assistance

    1) In the upper left hand corner OF EVERY POST you will find the the caution emblem. This will look different, according to the version* you are running. 2) Please fill the pertinent information into this screen. PLEASE do not make it personal or use colorful language. Just be brief and to...
  2. 🎖

    NSFW Institute of Hawas and Bakchodi ki report aur humare Mahane Pornstar?

    I.H.B (Institute of Hawas and Bakchodi IHB (Institute of Hawas and Bakchodi) ki ek research mai ye pata chala hai kee Puri duniya mai jab bhi koe apne phone k saath akela hota hai Adhikanse Purush Apni Hawas ki Rocket( Rock for the kat) haath mai lekar wahi Adhikanse Mahila Apni Gol see...
  3. Crystal

    News Snap’s first diversity report says only 4 percent of the company identifies as Black

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  4. Crystal

    News Report: ARM is for sale and Nvidia’s interested, Apple isn’t

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