Romance एक प्यारा सा वादा (SHORT)

    सुधा आज लगातार तीसरे दिन लेट से उठी । माघ महीने की आखिरी सर्द सुबहो मे 8 बजे तक सूरज काफी उपर चढ जाता है । वो करवट लेके पैर चारपाई से नीचे लटका कर खड़ी हुई ही थी कि उसकी पेडू से जांघो तक की नशो मे अकडन सी आ गयी । अह्ह्ह्ह मम्म्यीईईई , वो दबी हुई सी चीखी । पैरो ने उसके जवाब दे दिया और उसने लडखडा...
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    Entertainment Vipul Amrutlal Shah to produce 12 short films under his production banner Sunshine Pictures

    Life has come a full circle for renowned producer-director Vipul Amrutlal Shah. Having started his career with Gujarati theatre and successfully carved a niche for himself in the theatre world, the producer-director feels it’s time to give back to his roots. With a humble step in that direction...
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    Entertainment Vipul Shah to produce 12 short films under his banner Sunshine pictures; first film to be COVID-19 related

    Vipul Shah will be producing 12 short films under his production banner, Sunshine Pictures. The producer-director, who started his career with theatre, wants to give back to his theatre days and so he has launched a vertical for short films and release them digitally. He is open to reading every...
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    News Richa Chadha shoots sci-fi short film titled 55kms/sec virtually on phone

    Not long ago, the idea of shooting on an iPhone was considered inventive. With the world reeling under the ramifications of a global lockdown, it's become a great way for creative professionals, who have taken to shooting short films and shows as a way of expressing their creativity. Arati...