Funny Baku-Baku Comedy Waale Jokes:: ~~~~~~~~~

एक जगह भीड़ लगी थी।
आऊल बाबा वहाँ से गुजरे।

पता चला किसी का एक्सिडेऩ्ट हो गया है।

भीड़ इतनी थी के आऊल बाबा को देखने नहीं मिल रहा था किसका हो गया ,,

तभी आऊल बाबा ने अपने जेब से मेन्टॉस निकला

आऊल बाबा ने मेन्टॉस खाया
दीमाग की बत्ती जलाया।
और उनके दिमाग में एक आइडिया आया

आउल बाबा ने जोर से चिल्लाया-: हटो हटो मेरा भाई घायल हो गया है मुझे देखने दो।

लोगो ने रास्ता दे दिया।

आऊलबाबा ने जाकर देखा तो एक गधा घायल पड़ा था ।
Gora bachha - uses nappies
Indian baccha - uses langoti

Gora baccha - has a formula milk bottle
Indian baccha - depends on mothers milk

Gora baccha - learns to be independent for life
Indian baccha - learns to be dependable for life

Gora baccha - has to learn what respect is
Indian baccha - learns respect the hard way (tod phod maar jhaad by parents)

Gora baccha - will fend for himself
Indian baccha - MUMMMMEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gora baccha - allowed to grow up
Indian baccha - mother never lets him grow up even if he is 60

Gora baccha - has dated an average of 20 girls by the time he reaches 18
Indian baccha - learns and rehearses how to propose 40 times before he has enough courage to ask a girl out

Gora baccha - gets respected by default in non-gora environments
Indian baccha - earns respect in non-gora environments

Gora baccha - fails in spelling-bees
Indian baccha - excels in spelling-bees

Gora baccha - knows only his father and mom
Indian baccha - knows the entire dynasty of his clan (dada/nani amma ammi nana nani 2 centuries back)

Gora baccha - has travelled across the world by 15 years of age
Indian baccha - knows a lot more about the world than a gora baccha by the time he is 10

Gora baccha - can get away being naughty in public places
Indian baccha - inspire gora bacchas to be naughty in public places

Gora baccha - are in danger of being fondled caressed stroked out of curiosity when they are in China / East Asia.
Indian baccha - is very safe.. no one messes with the brownies