Indian Railways Fulfils Hubby’s Fantasy

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I recently wrote a short Story (below 700 words) under a different Penname for a famous Site. I am reproducing that Story here. I hope you enjoy it. Please give your LIKES and Comments. I will post more of my stories if I get a good response.

I do not normally post pictures in my Stories, as I feel it takes away the focus from the Story. Pictures are available in a different Section on our Lusty Web.

Title: Indian Railways Fulfils Hubby’s Fantasy

Hello Everyone,

This is my real-life experience. So, you cannot call it a story. It happened under strange circumstances.

First, let me begin by giving you an introduction about myself. I am Priya, 28 years old, married to Amogh, who is 32 years old. Hubby calls me Priya Gold. I got married when I was 24 years. I am from Mumbai, coming from a Middle-class family. My dear hubby works in an NMC here. I have a daughter.

My husband tells me that I have a voluptuous figure 36-34-42 and a well-rounded ass. I agree with him as I get many stares from men of all ages. I am 5’6” in height. By culture, I am a bit shy and reserved and did not have many friends in college, though most boys would try to talk to me and flirt with me. But, I did not encourage any of them. I was aware of my charms and knew that they all wanted to take me to their bed.

I was brought up in a strict traditional family where moral values were emphasized. I know you all must be waiting to know if I was a virgin when I married. I was. Amogh was pleasantly surprised as ours was an arranged marriage but soon blossomed into love. We courted for 6 months before we got married.

Amogh is an extrovert and has many friends, including women friends. Earlier, I used to feel jealous and he had admitted that he had many affairs during his college days. So, he was the experienced partner and I was a keen student in our sex life.

They say there is no limit to learning in sex and the more you have it the more you want. This was the case with me. I began to enjoy sex, but only with my hubby, and wanted more and more.

From the very beginning, Amogh would like me to wear revealing clothes whenever we went out. I think he enjoyed showing off his “pretty, voluptuous” wife to strangers. In the beginning, I was shy but as the years passed, I too enjoyed the attention I got from strangers.

Amogh would press my bust or hold my bum in crowded buses and trains. He especially enjoyed traveling in crowded Mumbai trains with me. I think he had a special fascination for Indian Railways and you will understand why this is so, as my (story) narration progresses.

Once we were traveling in the peak time in the crowded train and he took me with him in the gents’ compartment. There was hardly any place to stand and we were crushed from all sides. I was holding my bag with one hand and the train handle with the other.


As the train was moving, someone from behind (later I saw it was a teenage worker boy), suddenly cupped my boob with his hand and squeezed it. I was shocked and did know what to do. I somehow managed to pinch his hand and became free. As our halt soon came, we got down. I looked around but could not spot the offender.

On the way back, I told Amogh about this and his reaction was really strange. As soon as we reached home, he lifted me up and took me straight to bed. Without wasting any time, he pulled down my salwar and bikini and showed me his cock. His cock is 5.5” and it was erect and shining with pre-cum.

He then told me: “See you are wet.”

I told him: “What rubbish. That is all your imagination.”

He then proceeded to make love to me. I was gently surprised by his passion as he kept banging my pussy with hard strokes. Slowly, my pussy began to get wet and I was enjoying his passion.

Like this, there were many other incidents. One time, we were traveling late at night by train. There was not much rush. But in between, there was an announcement that the train was being terminated there and it would proceed to the shed. All people got down.

My husband said that we will go to the railway shed. I was worried. When the train moved again, there was no one in the compartment and it was empty. As the train reached the shed, most of the lights were switched off, and only one light was on in the compartment.

Hubby seemed to be in the mood and I could see the bulge in his pants. He was always adventurous in sex. He then opened my blouse and unhooked my bra. I was terribly worried that we would get caught, but his persistence began to entice me too. I was getting wet in my panties.

That day I was wearing a saree. He lifted my saree and began fingering my wet pussy. I was moaning. He then made me stand and bend holding the train window for support. Before I knew it, he had inserted his throbbing cock in my pussy and was giving me strokes.

Then suddenly I saw two young urchins looking at us from the window. I tried to draw my hubby’s attention. But he said, “So what?” Let them also enjoy. Poor guys must have never seen such beautiful boobs and pussy”. With that, he pulled up my bra and was showing those guys my precious possession.

I could have died with shame. But he was enjoying me being devoured lustfully by these urchins. Since his cock continued banging my hot, wet pussy I could only close my eyes and enjoy all that was happening.

I tried to hide my face with my arms, but the feel of his cock in my pussy and rubbing my clitoris was overpowering. I too began to enjoy the thrusts and my shyness disappeared. I could see the happy smiles on the urchin’s faces, but I didn’t care. I reached my orgasm as Amogh filled me with his cum.

After relaxing for a few moments, we got dressed up appropriately, and making sure that the urchins had left, we got down from the train and walked on the railway tracks till we reached the next station and then came home early in the morning. What an adventure it was. There was a glint in my hubby’s eyes. I was happy to see him happy, though I too enjoyed the thrill of the adventure.

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Half of L if E is "IF"
Lagta hai....yahan English Story koi padta nahi.....

So, let me post the full story.

In this way, our sex life grew by leaps and bounds.

Then I got pregnant and had my little baby. A year passed by without any adventure and minimal sex. I have given you a glimpse into Amogh’s sex appetite and his passion. Now for the last year, he has a fixation and a fantasy. He wants me to have sex with a stranger.

I was appalled at his suggestion. I was even annoyed that he thought about this and told him, “You don’t love me anymore.” But as usual, he had some justification and said, “Darling, I want to see you happy. You know that I will always love you.”

Though we used to see porn occasionally, it was on any subject. But now he was passionate about threesomes. He showed me many Indian threesome porn videos where the husband would introduce his wife to his friend and then record their sex.

Slowly, I too began enjoying watching the vids, where the two guys would be passionately having sex with the woman, and she would be groaning and enjoying the two guys on either side of her, sucking on each boob at the same time.

I did for a moment wonder how it would feel to have two guys sucking my boobs, but quickly dismissed the idea. I thought to myself since I am only watching and did not have to participate in this orgy, I would not be affected.

As time passed, Amogh got busy with his job, and our daily sex routine changed to twice a week. Remember I was also busy bringing up my daughter. During our sex sessions, Amogh would ask me to role-play. He would make me imagine that the milk-man Ramu or her tailor Azim was the second guy who was fucking me in the threesome with my husband.

He would make me imagine that the milkman would come to deliver the milk (in the village house) at the back door. I would then tell him that his milk had too much water in it. He would then look at my milk-swollen boobs (I was nursing the baby) and say that the milk he delivered was as pure as mine.

I would tell him, “Nahi, Mera doodh pure aur jyada ghana hai”. (No, my milk is thicker and purer than the milk you deliver). He would then tell me to show him. I would look around, knowing that hubby was asleep and there was no one else, I would open my blouse (I was not wearing a bra) and with my fingers squeeze out a few drops from my nipple.

Ramu, the milkman was smart. He said, “Mujhe taste karna hai aur check karna hai”. (I have to taste it to check). Since, I thought it was only a few drops and not a big deal, I allowed him to lie down on my lap like a little baby. He made me remove the blouse completely, saying that it was coming in the way. I allowed him to remove my blouse. Now my fully swollen breasts were visible to him.

He took one nipple in his warm mouth and began sucking on it. It was a different sensation. He began drinking the milk. I told him, “Ramu....bas ho gaya”. (Ramu, that is enough).

He said, “Nahi....abhi aur peena hai.” (No. I want to drink more). And began playing with my other nipple, drenching his face with my milk.

I had never thought that this would give me such a sensation. I began getting wet in my pussy. He could sense my movements with my thighs and slowly lifted my saree to my knees. I was not wearing underwear. He then put his fat finger in my pussy, which by now was wet and oozing with my juices. He then pushed me on my back and quickly put his cock in my cunt and started fucking me.

Suddenly, I heard a sound at the door. It was hubby who was watching the scene all along. He had taken out his cock and was masturbating. I called him with my eyes. He came and sat beside my face. I quickly took his cock into my mouth and began sucking. Within a minute he filled my mouth with his cum.

At the same time, milkman Ramu had filled my pussy with his thick white cream, which began overflowing down my thighs. Ramu got up and pointed to his overflowing cream. He said, “Ab boliye.... “ Kisska doodh me dham hai? Dekho mera malai aur kaho” (Ok, you tell me...whose milk is thicker? Mine is thick cream). I could only smile.

Amogh would like me to role-play our encounter with my tailor, Azim too.

The Roleplay:

My husband and I were living in a small town. My husband had a small cock and could not satisfy my huge sex drive and lust. I had once confided this to my best friend Jayshree, who was my neighbour, but had forgotten that I had told her this.

Since it was only imagination I slowly began enjoying these fantasies but often wondered what would happen if they became a reality. But, I was confident that I would never allow it to happen. I loved Amogh too much to think of cheating with another man.

So, as per the role-play, I wanted to stitch a body-hugging blouse for Diwali and asked my friend Jayshree if she knew of any good tailor. She said that there was a tailor named Azim, who was her neighbour and gave good service. She said this with a wink. Being innocent I did not understand what she meant.

A few days later my husband accompanied me to the tailor’s shop. When we entered I was surprised to see a handsome guy, about 35 years, with a good physique. He introduced himself as Azim. I told him that my friend Jayshree had recommended him to me. He had a smile on his face and said, “Sahi jagah pe aayi hai”.

I explained that I wanted a tight-fitting blouse and a ghagra choli stitched. He looked at my boobs for some time and said, “Measurement lena padega”. My husband told him, “Theek se sab measurements lena. Fitting aacha hona chahiye”, and he winked at him. Azim smiled and told my Amogh to wait outside, pointing to a bench, and took me to the inner room. He bolted the door and said, “Koi andar nahi aaye”.

I was surprised to see a bed inside with a thick mattress, and a full-sized mirror by its side. But then I thought that it must be his resting room. He then told me to remove the blouse I was wearing. I told him, “Blouse ke upar se measurements le lo”. (Take the measurements from the top of the blouse). He said, “Usse proper fitting nahi hogi”. (It will not give a proper fit).

Reluctantly, I began unbuttoning my blouse. He then took the blouse and kept it on the table. I was now dressed only in my black bra and ghagra. Before I knew it, he unhooked my bra from the back and in one swift movement removed it. I was speechless. I said, “Yeh kya kar rahe ho?” He said, “Proper fitting chaihiye, na?”

He then took the measuring tape from around his neck and started measuring my bust. He said, “Kya boobs hai! Aise boobs toh kabhi dekha hi nahi. Jabardast hain. Jayshree ka toh bahut chote hain.” (What lovely boobs you have! I have never seen such beautiful boobs. Jayshree has small boobs). I was embarrassed, but also felt proud to get such compliments. I relaxed a bit when I heard that he had seen my friend Jayshree’s boobs too. I now felt that this is normal when tailors take tight-fitting measurements.

But what was not normal, was that he was cupping my breasts with his palms and also squeezing my nipples. Let me tell you, that no woman can resist when her nipples are squeezed gently and her boobs massaged. This was just the beginning. He bent down and began kissing and sucking my nipples.

I tried to push him away, but he was muscular and strong. His tongue encircled my areolas and it seems my nipples had a mind of their own. They began growing in his mouth. Shamelessly, he told me, “Nipples ka full size aana chahiye, taki woh blouse me fitting ho jaye”. (Nipples should grow to their full size so that they fit well in the new blouse).

By now, my pussy was leaking and wet with my juices. But there was more to come. He pulled down my ghagra and said, “Gaand ka bhi size lena padega.” I was wearing red panties. I was embarrassed and ashamed to see the wet patch on my crotch. There was an astounded look on his face and his eyes opened wide. “Aare kya gaand hai. Lagta hai pati tumhara gaand marke, bahut bada banaya. Jayshree ka gaand bhi chota hai”.

I said, “Kuch bhi bolte ho. Maine kabhi anal kiya nahi hai husband ke saat.” (You are talking anything. I have never had anal sex with my husband). He smiled and said, “Jaldi ho jayega.” (It will happen soon). I didn’t know what he meant. Soon he had pulled down my red bikini too. I was trying to cover my pussy with my hands. He pulled them apart and said, “Dekhne do. Lund ko toh malum pade kahan gussne wala hai.” (Let me see. Cock should know where it is going).

Now I was really worried that he will fuck me. But I was helpless and excited too – a deadly combination. He opened my pussy lips and with his red-hot tongue began exploring the depths of my pussy. He led me to the bed and made me lie down on the thick mattress. I had no strength to refuse. He lifted my feet wide and then pushed his 6” cock into my wet pussy that was expecting his rod.

Suddenly, I remembered that my husband was waiting outside. I told Azim, “Mere patidev baahar baite hain. Yeh sab dekh liya toh kya bolenge?” (My hubby dear is sitting outside. What if he sees all this?) He withdrew his cock from my cunt. I was not satisfied. I thought I had spoken too soon.

He said, “Haan, yeh toh mai bhool he gaya. Mister ne kaha tha, ki measurements theek se le lo. Unko dekhne do, maine theek se liya ke nahi”. (Ohhh, yes. I forgot all about your husband. He had told me to take the measurements properly. Let him only see whether I have done it properly).

He got up and went to the door. I thought to myself....what is he doing? And then got a shock when he opened the door, and invited my dear hubby into the room. Here I was lying on the tailor’s bed completely naked, with my boobs jiggling, my nipples taut and my pussy wide open and shining with all my juices leaking.

The bigger shock was to see my husband smiling and a big bulge in his pants. He entered and said, “Lagta hai, theek se measurements le liya hai, aur tumhara lund ka fitting bhi mere bhibi ka gili choot me trial kiya hai”. (Looks like you have done proper fitting and even had a trial of your cock in my wife’s oozing pussy). They then proceeded taking turns in fucking me. Though anal did not happen.

Well, Guys, this was the only role-play that my dear Hubby and I used to have. It was fun and the sex was mind-blowing. Amogh would tell me almost every day that we should try a threesome with a friend or a stranger. I kept refusing.

Then this real-life incident happened.
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