Incest Sinful Family

Sinful family

Warning ........... this story is against the rules of the society because our society considers the relationship between mother son and brother sister and father daughter as the most sacred relationship, so the brothers who are disliked by reading the stories of these relationships He may not read this story because this story is a family sex story.

Friends, I am going to present another cool story in Hindi font for you.

parts of this story

The girl sat on the same chair on which she was sitting a while ago.
"So Jeet had said that you will take care of me.. but how?"
Deep was a bastard from the beginning.. what did the girl give a little green signal, she just thought of fucking
"Well..that depends on your tell me what to order..cold or hotmmmmm"
The girl put more emphasis on the word hot and also spread the root of her legs a lot.. Her muscular thighs stuck in tight jeans started throwing lightning on the heart of the lamp.. It didn't take her long to understand that the item is on
"Too cold a/c is enough and I leak hot stuff"
Deep courageously placed his hand on her thigh and slowly began to caress her.
"Just this thought is wrong, men do things very well but they can't last more than 2 minutes to complete the thing."
the girl looked at him and said
"So confirm yourself how much enthusiasm is there in men"