Erotica Anuska Sharma fucked during shoot Bollywood actresses Sex


Anuska Sharma fucked during shoot Bollywood actresses Sex

Anuska Sharma fucked during shoot Bollywood actresses Sex and Rape English Sex Stories : Anushka sharma the short but long hot actress of bollywood was on an roll after her recent blockbuster Band Bhaja baraat was running high in bollywood and tat too to her hot scenes and her lip kisses wit the Hero of the movie was now the talk of the town. But even though she was tat much happening heroine she was not able to get any movie apart from the yash raj banner. Even though all those movie were all hit, Anushka sharma started to fear tat she will be left wit only one banner. So Anushka started to find different production houses.

So now i again come into action. Firstly i was first director to have approached Anushka to make her act in a movie but Anushka being head weight rejected my offer and went on to sleep wit Aditya Chopra nd giving an mouth job to yash chopra in order to earn new parts in their movies. And u guessed right even Shahrukh had also fucked and actually fucked her in many position in vast number of times. But this and all happened some two years ago. But now i have become an well known director and even started to produce films. Anushka knew it and so contacted me but me being angry on her for ditching me said her an flat No. But she kept on insisting to meet me and even asked for apology and so i convinced myself and said her that i was busy shooting for my movie In America and will here for next month. So Anushka Sharma in reply said tat soon she is also visiting America for vacation and during tat time will meet me she told and disconnected the phone.

so after keeping the phone down Anushka started to plan her future action and so planned to go to America for sure even though originally she had no plans to go der. But in order to convince me she started to book her first class and left Mumbai the next day. So no reaching Los Vegas. Anushka wit her influence over yash chopra got herself booked in Hilton hotel one of the best in the world and took some rest in order to take decision about the evening meetings wit her director. Firstly Anushka Sharma thought to ask sorry to him but later she herself thought it was an bad option and thought an long time and took an final decision.

Tat wat ever means she tries it won’t work on him as she has insulted him and threw him off so in order to get tat mega budget film opposite an famous actor she planned denote her whole body to the director in order to get part which will make her famous and help her earn even more moneY. Sleeping wit others in order to satisfy her needs was not at all new for her as all she got was by this only. And more over her all expenses r all by Yash chopra as she slept wit him and waked his penis and the remuneration is her trip to America. So, in order make the director fall for her beauty she had to wear sexy dress and so she went for shopping and bought an very sexy black skirt. So the evening arrived and Anushka Sharma wore her dress.

It was skirt of knee height and will fully open her in black till her end of spinal cord and it really tight fitting rightly for her and showing decent part of her cleavage and started her journey to an casino were the shooting of director was going on. Now its my introduction. Im short but good built and now was shooting an film in english wit Brad pitt and Natalie portman. Soon went to see the director and all through my way i got looks and hot steamy breaths from the men present around which was making me feel ackward but still moved forward and meet wit the director assistant who was an women to inform me about her arrival.

On hearing her name itself i got angry but i promised that i would meet her and so i order to keep my promise i went. But once i saw her all my anger turned in to lust and sexual eagerness. Wow she was tat much sexy in tat outfit as all curve was fully known through tat outfit and tat skirt could not control her busty breasts and so more and more visible and as the skirt was only knee high her thighs and creamy knees were all visible.