dark love

  1. TheBlackBlood

    Fantasy Dark Love (Completed)

    Hello Dosto :hi: Ek Short Story Le kar Aapki Adaalat Me Haazir Hua Hu. Iske Pahle Maine Ek Short Story ✧Double Game✧ Likhi Thi Jise Aap Sabne Padha. Ab Ek Aur Short Story Aapke Saamne Haazir Karne Ja Raha Hu. Fantasy Prefix Par Adhaarit Ye Story Ek Love Story Hai. Ummid Hai Aap Sabhi Ko Pasand...
  2. Sweet Girl

    Thriller Dark Love

    Concept- What if dreams start fascinating you and haunting you at the same time.You comfort yourself with the thought that its just a dream or just some weird illusions. But one fine day, they all start happening to you in reality. Or maybe the reality is more horrible than your dreams...