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  1. Suryaa

    Incest Fucking My Cousin Sister | English Sex Story

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  2. Suryaa

    Incest Fucked My Virgin Cousin | English Sex Story

    Fucked My Virgin Cousin, English Sex Story, Sex stories in English, cousin fucking, horny sex, hot sex stories, Indian sex stories. Hello People. I am Arjun from Mumbai. I hope you all are doing well. This story is about how I fucked my horny cousin sister. Her name is Nila. She is 23 with...
  3. Suryaa

    Incest Dad Fucks My Cousin Sister | English Sex Story

    Dad Fucks My Cousin Sister, English Sex Stories, Sex stories in English, hot sex stories, indian sex stories, cousin fucking. My father used to enjoy sex a lot. Since I was young, I remember seeing his collection of porn films in his cupboard drawer. Every month he would bring a new...
  4. Odin chacha

    Incest Swimming with Mom

    Ch. 01 Looking back, I had quite a hard childhood. I grew up in a provincial town in the Midlands, the sort of place that periodically appears on TV in one of those property programmes where a middle-class couple from London briefly consider moving there for the 'quality of life' and 'open...
  5. S

    Erotica Learning about sex with neighbour

    Raghu, 22 fair and handsome youngman after graduation underwent a course in medical transcription. The course mainly trained him to get acquainted with the foreign accent and the medical terms. Raghu had a knack to learn these subjects and he became a successful medical transcriptionist. But in...
  6. S

    Erotica Friends mum wants more than a few sockets fitting

    I was a young electrician back in the 80's and newly qualified, I had a friend who I went drinking with and he had a girlfriend who also drank with us occasionally. One day he told me that her parents wanted some extra sockets fitting in their bungalow and asked if I would do them for them, it...
  7. S

    Adultery Office fun post lockdown

    Hello Peeps, I am here with my experience post 7months now, it's been a long wait due to pandemic as well due to WFH, it has been a while having a good matured women with me but it came true by posting my previous story in here, never knew it's going to be from the same comoany. The experience...
  8. C

    Erotica Sexy boss

    This is actually my true experience. I work as a bussiness development manager at a media organisation. The best part why I love this place is because of my boss.
  9. J

    Erotica Group play

    You doubted until the last minute, but now that the door is being opened there is no turning back. A part of you instantly regrets, but just for a second, as the worries of having to take a choice have now at least disappeared. You are as excited as you are nervous, but not disappointed by the...
  10. L

    Adultery Indian Sir and 19 year old girl

    Im 19 and it was the last day of my exams, we were supposed to go to different colleges to attend these exams and our invigilator would be different everyday. Since it was the last day, i thought I'd dress up a litter better. The top i wore was kinda deep and my boobs had grown out during...
  11. L

    Erotica Dark desires gangbang

    Hi I m liza.. Currently I am 23 olds and it's been a long journey for me since I had my first sex and present date.. At present I have a boyfriend but trust me I never had any interest in boyfriend but I was really interested in having fun with boys and I did enjoy many times... I m an engineer...
  12. N

    Erotica Exposing to the hotel waiter

    It was a night the lockdown had ended and we got vaccinated for corona. I convinced my wife to have an erotic evening with me in a hotel away from home.
  13. A

    Adultery Lockdown Fun With Neighbor Savitha Aunty

    Hello Friends,I am writing my new experience which in encountered with my new neighbour during this lockdown.I'm Akash working as an software professional in bangalore this incident…
  14. M

    Adultery One night stand

    I couldn’t stop fucking her, it felt so good with my hard cock so deep in her tight little pussy. A chance like this only comes around like this once in a lifetime and hell, I wasn’t passing this up. She was only 23 and I was 62, but what the fuck, I still had it and I knew how to use it...
  15. L

    Erotica Shy wife

    How often when my wife went out to a friend’s, I imagined the friend’s husband driving her home at sunset, and the discussions that would lead him to fuck her in the car in front of our house before she gets out. He had problems with his wife and we didn’t know the reasons. So, I imagined so...
  16. S

    Erotica Husband Turned on by Storytime

    This story is about how I discovered a kinky way to turn my husband on. We had been married 13 years when this story took place. We are both fairly conservative and are relatively sexually inexperienced. Our sex life was good, but with three kids and the hustle of life sex simply did not have...
  17. M

    Adultery Sex with my Ex's Best Friend

    Still feeling down about my divorce I decided to go out with the boys to one of our local clubs to watch a band and have a drink. Beers were plentiful and I was feeling the effects. Alan decided it was pizza time and this Italian club made the best wood fired pizza around. I offered to buy the...
  18. L

    Erotica Group Sex Story - Naughty Threesome with my Roommate

    Patrice was 23 and her friend Sharon was 21. On this particular morning, a Saturday, they were both free with no classes to attend, so they decided to sleep some more. Patrice was the first to get up. She looked across to the next bed where Sharon slept. She was resting peacefully but what...
  19. B

    Adultery I'll be a good girl Coach

    Being a coach of a girls basketball team for 4 years had its up and downs, but I always enjoyed watching the team grow. This was the first year that the girls had moved into the open division and we needed to get a few more experienced players. As luck would have it the first night of training...
  20. A

    Erotica Dirty Little Girls

    The sea oats lifted to the wind, lineal lines of gold rising along the dunes, carrying on from where the waves sacrificed themselves along the sand. Beth walked the north beach where the crowds thinned out. Crowds were depressing. She sauntered between the sand dunes; nestled into a sunny spot...